Flexoderm cream

Don't wait for stretch marks to appear

Anti-stretch marks and anti-cellulite cream

Alternate Text  Properties

 FLEXODERM cream improves skin firmness and elasticity


· Supplies the skin with the needed moisture in addition to preventing scarring and wrinkles.

·Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

·Helps to repair damaged skin cells while revitalizing new skin cells as well.

COLLAGEN (plant origin):

Restores skin flexibility and softness .


·Caffeine is vasodilator which essentially means it opens up the blood vessels and reduces excess fat .

· It will help increase blood flow, remove toxins, and get rid of the excess fat cells that are causing the appearance of cellulite.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) :

·Stimulates collagen synthesis in dermal and epidermal cells.

·Increase protection against harmful free radicals.

 FLEXODERM cream restores skin moisture and fights dryness by its powerful moisturizers.

 FLEXODERM cream keeps skin healthy with its natural antioxidants.

FLEXODERM cream regenerates the skin as it contains Calendula Extract  as a powerful rejuvenator helps in wound healing, reducing inflammation and skin soothing

Alternate Text  Indications

To repair existing damage such as stretch marks and cellulite associated with pregnancy or diet regimes or hormonal disturbances either to fade existing skin lines or to prevent formation of new ones.

Alternate Text  Directions for use

Use daily once or twice with gentle rubbing in a circular motion until completely absorbed for at least 12 successive weeks.

Alternate Text  Package

100 gm

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